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February 2016. Engine being removed from a Sea Ray. To save money an outboard is to be fitted.
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March 2016. Make bracket to take outboard.
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Check and service outboard.
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April 2016. Antifouling ready for the summer. Gearbox has been removed for servicing
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April 2016 the two boats on the left are out for new engines and legs. The sail boat is out for general repairs and antifoul.
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Its the 1st of May 2016 and sunny on a bank holiday for a change.The engine is being removed ready for a refurbished replacement.
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May 2016 Aquatech servicing gearbox and engine
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June 2016 George is getting on with engine and leg replacement in his boat.
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July 2016 Roy putting finishing touches to his fishing boat.
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August 2016 the Four Winns engine and gearbox are being prepared as quickly as possible before the slip is closed
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The Sea Ray is finally launched for sea trials
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The Sea Ray passes its sea trial.
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August 2016. A new stainless frame and cover being fitted by Tel 07568 185539. They have done work on another boat in the yard so came recommended
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August 2016. Roys boat finished and painted to perfection.
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Sepember 2016. Four Winns engine now ready. The engine came out of a Chevy Blazer which was then scrapped. Marinised bits from the original engine were added plus the cooling system was changed from raw to closed.
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October. The hole where the leg was has been made watertight. To enable the boat to be floated off the slip until next year.
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October. Leg goes back on so the boat can float off the slipway to enable wall construction.